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Each week you’ll discover new and nutritious foods from our Go Well range, as well plenty of tips, tricks, and advice, carefully created to satisfy each stage of baby’s development and establish healthy eating habits. We know you might approach this moment with some trepidation. After all, it can be an anxious and confusing time wanting to provide what’s best for baby. But rest assured, we'll be here to support you, and we’re quite sure that after the first few steps you’ll be feeling more confident and self-assured. All the while, our online team of experts is ready and waiting to answer any questions that pop up along the way. From first spoons, right through to advanced flavors and textures – you’ll be able to easily follow how you and your little one’s path to establishing healthy eating habits will unfold.

Go Well by Good Feeding Program

Our program is designed around the unique concept of Flavor Training and the ability to “train” a preference for healthy vegetables in your baby’s first few months of feeding.

Delivered chilled every two weeks, the Go Well by Good Feeding program will guide you each week, and carry you through with access to our easy-to-follow guide along with curated Go Well food products that purposely progress in the feeding journey with different flavor profiles, textures, and consistencies.

Week 1 - 4


Includes the first four-week bundle of the Go Well program. This time is all about laying the foundation of Flavor Training and preparing you and baby to move through the Go Well food journey's exciting steps.

Delivery 1 includes everything you need for Weeks 1 & 2 of the Go Well program.

  • The Week 1 Welcome Kit and Get-Started program guidance.
  • Access to your weekly comprehensive Go Well dashboard
  • Voucher for a 15-minute consultation with our Good Feeding Dietician to be redeemed at Week 4 of the program.
  • Weeks 1 & 2 Weekly Program Leaflets
  • Good Feeding Guide
  • Go Well heating container.
  • Participation in the TerraCycle pouch recycling program
  • Go Well Pouches for Weeks 1 & 2, 7 pouches per week.

Delivery 2 includes everything you need for Weeks 3 & 4 of the Go Well program.

  • Go Well Pouches for Weeks 1 & 2, 7 pouches per week
  • 2 Go Well BONUS pouches
  • Weeks 3 & 4 Weekly Program Leaflets
  • Weekly support and guidance
  • Redemption of your 15-minute consultation


Weeks 5 - 24

$199 renewed and shipped biweekly

This part of the program we will be introducing food for nutrition and transitioning to thicker purees, broadening the temperature, textures and flavor base for baby. From week 5 you will be auto renewed (every Sunday) for a biweekly program price of $199.

Weeks 5 – 24 Include:

  • Go Well weekly in-box guidance.
  • Biweekly delivery of 28 Go Well program pouches, 14 for each week
  • 2 Go Well BONUS pouches
  • Weekly program support and updates
  • Access to your weekly comprehensive Go Well dashboard
What's included in your first delivery on the Go Well Feeding Program? 
  • Selection of First Flavors to start the flavor training journey 
  • Weeks 1-4 of supplemental flavor training materials 
  • Good Feeding guide 
  • Good Feeding flavor exposure tracker 
  • Warming container
  • Nutrition consultation with one of our experts
  • Free doorstep delivery 

Plus online access to your weekly dashboard and support through our Good Feeding Knowledge Center.

What pouches to expect your first week:

First Flavor:
4 pouches of Broth Balm

First Tastes:
1 pouch of Sweet Potato
1 pouch of Broccoli
1 pouch of Baby Peas

From week 5 you will receive your weekly box up to your final week 24 for an auto-renew payment of $199, continuing to support you and your baby in the transition to solids. Each week your delivery will include 14 flavor training pouches, with 1 bonus pouch, weekly support with our weekly updates, Good Feeding materials, and continuing dashboard access.


SO excited that my Go Well has arrived! Looking forward to getting my baby started on solids and introducing healthy, lifelong habits. I’m into week 3 already and she loves it!

Anjelika C.

What really made me interested in the Go Well Program is that it’s Natural, planned out, lead by scientists and researchers. I thought it’s best to give this a shot whilst by baby is still under 6 months!

Kelly B.

Loving our 24 weeks of delish baby food delivered weekly to us. Nothing but the best for Miss Jenny!


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How it works, made simple

Go Well helps take baby from First Flavors through to adventurous eating in six simple steps. Designed to expose baby to different tastes and textures while providing the nutrition to optimize growth and development. Go Well helps deliver what's best for baby and provides peace of mind for you!

0% sugar

No added sugar and 100% veggiee sweetend.

real flavours

Chilled food delivered weekly along with a comprehensive Flavor Training program.


Locally sourced, five-star organic ingredients.


Unique cooking process that preserves color, flavor, texture, and vital nutrients.

planet care

Packaging designed to be best for baby and best for planet with a recycling program included.

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